Know Your Worth

Know Your Worth

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If you've ever felt like you're not making enough for the work that you do - it's time to evaluate your pricing. In this mini-course, we'll talk about how to charge what you're worth and why doing so is a game-changer.

The course covers:

  • The psychology of pricing + how it relates to your self image
  • How pricing is perceived by your customers
  • Base costs, wholesale costs + retail costs
  • Profit margins and how they work
  • How to create more revenue in your business with a few simple steps

The course includes:

  • A PDF course complete with worksheets
  • A live discussion + Q&A (Jan 31st @ 12 PM EST + Feb 4th @ 4 PM EST)

Know Your Worth is led by IndieTonic founder Cyn, a product designer + strategist who has launched several profitable product brands. Cyn's experience spans from having her products sold on Wayfair and stores across the world to opening her own storefront. After working with countless business owners who are struggling with their pricing and experiencing low profits, she created this course to show them how to shift their perspective and pricing models. 

*PDF course access will be granted on 1/29 - our first live session together is on 1/31 

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Know Your Worth