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Indie Shipping

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Indie Shipping is our fulfillment and drop-shipping service for small businesses. Our team handles order processing, updates tracking info + ships your products direct to your customers.

Indie Shipping is offered exclusively with our private label and wholesale products + Indie Lab clients. Add Indie Shipping and you'll now have our team doing everything from manufacturing to storing + shipping your products. Offload the hard work of fulfillment and inventory by hiring us!

***Pricing shown is for onboarding fee. Monthly rate for storage is $300/month/shelf + $3 handling fee per product***

Indie Shipping includes:

  • Product storage - we'll store your products in our studio as they await shipping. This frees up your space!
  • Order fulfillment - our team integrates seamlessly into your systems to process and fill your orders.
  • Shipping - we ship direct to your customer + provide tracking updates for your customers to track their orders.

What makes us different?

  • You have full control over your shipping process. You can log into your interface and view the current order status of any packages we're shipping. 
  • Our team works to become a true extension of your process by learning your order flows and integrating seamlessly.
  • Create your product, store your product + ship your product all within IndieTonic. We're a one-stop-shop!


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