Candle Chemistry : The Masterclass

Candle Chemistry : The Masterclass

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*Our next session is on March 11th @ 12PM. Sign up to secure your space - slots are limited*

You want to build a candle business, but it seems out of reach. You dream of doing work that lights your soul on fire - and make a lot of money doing it. You know that there has to be more for you than your current 9-5, or you want to bring in more revenue and products to your current business. Candle Chemistry : The Masterclass was created just for you. 

This exclusive group masterclass goes beyond a typical candle making course to give you the blueprint to create a swoon worthy candle brand, build revenue and secure retail partnerships.  If you're ready to create a stunning collection as a side hustle or as a full time entrepreneur, this is for you. 

Our session is led by IndieTonic founder, Cyn, a product designer and formulator with over a decade of experience. Cyn has successfully launched a candle brand and scaled it to be sold on Wayfair + spas and stores across the world. Cyn opened her first retail storefront selling her collection in 2022.

The masterclass sessions include:

  • Candle Chemistry - a lab session where we'll teach you the art of candle making - you'll receive your very own candle making kit to make candles
  • Scent Mixology - learn the science behind blending custom fragrances for your candle collection
  • Candle Mood -  we'll flesh out the look, feel and soul of your collection
  • Know Your Worth - we'll talk pricing + how to make money in your sleep
  • Dream Partnerships - we'll talk wholesale, retail + how to create dreamy collaborations
  • Live Q&A - during this session, we'll answer your specific questions to help propel your ideas and fuel your candle business launch


Are you ready to make your dreams a reality in 2023? No more sitting on the fence and thinking of every reason this won't work - take the leap and start your candle business. We're only opening 5 seats in this session, secure your spot now! We can't wait to build your candle business with you!

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Candle Chemistry : The Masterclass
In Person - $2,997.00
  • In Person - $2,997.00
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