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Ready to learn a skill in a multi-billion dollar industry that can make you money for years to come?

Enter Candle Chemistry. Candle Chemistry is where candlemakers are born. Learn the art + business of candle making, blending fragrances + building a successful candle collection. This master class is led by IndieTonic founder, Cyn, a product designer and formulator with 10 years of experience who has successfully launched a candle brand and scaled it to be sold on Wayfair + spas and stores across the world.

We equip you for success and give you access to our 10+ years of product production experience. The knowledge that you'll gain in this course can quickly give you a huge return on your investment as we'll give you tips to create profitability. 


Choose from several course types based on your learning style. 

  • Course - step by step learning that teaches you candle making, gives you supplier lists + helpful tips. Log into your student portal to access all of the worksheets and course materials online.
  • Live Course - everything included in the course + a live candle making teaching session and Q&A. Our team will give you a live consultation that discusses branding basics, your ideal customer + next steps to build out your candle collection.
  • Live Course Wholesale - everything included in our live course + a live strategy session to sell your new candle collection to spas, stores and boutiques. If you want your candle business to get traction quickly, this is the session to sign up for. 

Candle Chemistry includes:

  • Online course
  • A curated candle-making kit
  • Supplier List

Upon purchase, we'll ship your candle-making kit + reach out via email to give important info. Get ready to create your candle company!

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Candle Chemistry
Course - $397.00
  • Course - $397.00
  • Live Course - $1,497.00
  • Live Course Wholesale - $2,497.00