The Indie Project

 The Indie Project was born from our love for entrepreneurship & it's ability to change the trajectory of a person's life. In our effort to create positive change and to create greater opportunity for building generational wealth, we give back through The Indie Project each year. 
Via The Indie Project, we choose 1 applicant per year to receive our product + strategy scholarship. Our team will work with the selected recipient to help them build their own custom collection  + grant them free finalized product to help them launch their own product brand. To ensure a smooth transition into the market, we also grant strategy to assist in launching & sustaining a profitable company. 
This year, we feel that this scholarship is needed all the more with the record job loss that our country has experienced. We're ecstatic to create even a small ripple of positive change as we work with this year's recipient.
To apply for The Indie Project, contact us at All entries should be a few paragraphs that tells us about who you are with details about your goals for establishing your own product line. Your entry should also go into detail about the hurdles/barriers that have stopped you from creating your collection or company.
Our team will review all entries & choose 1 recipient to receive this year's scholarship. Entries will be accepted through July 31, 2020.
Submit all entries to: