My Candle Brand Challenge

We're building the world's most iconic candle brands in one day! You might be thinking "that's impossible" - it's not when you've been building brands for a decade. 
Join Cyn, founder of IndieTonic for the My Candle Brand Challenge. After designing products for over a decade for brands across the world and Wayfair, Cyn is bringing her expertise to indie brands who want to disrupt their industry. 
This challenge is for you if you:
  • Want to build a candle collection from the ground up
  • Want to add candles to your collection
  • Have a candle brand that you want to rebrand or repackage
Candles make the perfect addition to:
  • Coffee shops
  • Yoga studios
  • Online boutiques
  • Spas
  • Storefronts
  • Bookstores + book clubs
  • Wedding boutiques
  • Interior design studios
  • Beauty shops + hair salons
We're approaching the busiest time of the year for candle sales. The cold months + holidays are the time when candle brands double + quadruple their sales.
Join the challenge and let us work with you to build a candle brand that sells out!