About Us

IndieTonic / noun / [ indee - tahnik ]
Innovation + design collides here. Our Virginia based studio is home base for entrepreneurs who are ready to launch products that disrupt their industry.

Cyn Price is the founder and CEO of IndieTonic: a product design studio that creates swoon worthy products for indie brands. The approach - clean ingredients, beautiful packaging + a concept that speaks to the soul of its audience. Her signature program, The Indie Lab, works with brand owners to develop & launch an iconic product, taking it from idea to market. In a cookie cutter industry, Cyn’s method focuses on disrupting the norm. Her 10+ years of product development experience has landed Cyn in large spaces, including designing products for Wayfair, stores + spas across the world. An avid coffee drinker & self proclaimed nerd, you can find her with a mug in hand, asking probing questions because small talk is highly overrated.