How to Build a Fall Candle Collection

How to Build a Fall Candle Collection

  • Cynthia P


So, here we are - on the cusp of Fall and the holidays. As you know, that means it's THAT time of year where we tweak our product lineup. As the cooler months settle in, candles are a hot item, one that many store owners can't keep stocked due to demand.

What better time than now to add new candles to the private label collection? Oh, keep reading, this is gonna be good. 


We've curated a new luxury candle collection featuring heavyweight glass, matte neutrals and metals. These pieces are the perfect way to launch a candle collection for Fall. Mix and match colors and scents to create something truly unique that your customers will LOVE!

Oh, we're not finished...keep reading. We're about to give you the cheat code to help you build out a swoonworthy Fall collection.


The beauty of private label is the ability to launch a seasonal item without breaking the bank. Build a collection, sell it through the holidays and put it on the shelf for next year. Now, let's build...

1. Choose your vessels

Fall is all about changing leaves. You can build a collection that embodies muted tones, or go dark. Our faves right now are Nude Candle, Grey Candle and the Rebel Riot Collection. If you're going for a classic look, use the vessels from the Weekend Brunch Collection and fill those jars with some of our favorite Fall scents in the next paragraph. If you want a modern, luxe look, the new candles we just added are perfect! For those of you who want a sleek, dark aesthetic, pull from the Rebel Riot Collection, use those black ceramic vessels and we can mix and match any of the scents from our scent list to create your collection. 

2. Choose your scents

Our scent list has a good range of scents to choose from - from fruity to woodsy and herbal. Hands down, our favorite picks for fall candle scents are:

FRENCH TOAST {chai/vanilla/cream}

MY NEW BEAU {cashmere/ylang ylang/sandalwood}

CONSTELLATIONS + CRYSTALS {sage/lavender/sandalwood}

TROUBLEMAKER {smoke/amber/leather}

You can find all of these scents on our website. As always, you can mix and match scents. Simply choose your vessels and add them to cart, then leave your scent choices in the notes at checkout. 

3. Choose your labels

We have a collection of label art ready for you. You can choose from any of the label formats in Indie Label Studio to add to your candles. We'll add your company info to our designs to finish your candles. Already have your own labels? Simply choose the unlabeled option and we'll send you blank candles. 

4. LAUNCH!!!!

It's time to knock this out of the park! Launch your new collection and watch as everyone around you does one of those dramatic, shocked facial expressions LOL. "How did you launch a whole candle collection?" "You're really doing big things"..."I just can't keep up with you!". Yep, these are all of the reactions you're about to hear, so get ready. 

And the truth is, YES, you are doing BIG THINGS. And you're working SMARTER, not HARDER. Launch your candle collection with us and let us do all of the hard work of producing your line while you just focus on selling out of candles this season. 

Are you ready to launch? Browse Indie Market to start choosing your products! 

Need help with scent & vessel choices or have questions? Shoot us an email and we'll jump on a call to help you build your collection. We're pros at this and we'll help you build something iconic. Our contact link is below in the footer of this page. Let's chat!

Cyn + Team IndieTonic